BUYING – Détail de Luxe is committed to providing the customer with the unique, authentic – yet special offerings that a hotel guest would not traditionally expect to discover within hotel retail. Through constant and current research, travel and trade show attendance – we maintain a constant focus on exceeding the guests needs while staying true to the target market. Because we often share the same lifestyle tastes in retail products, food and culture – we have an advantage that allows us to select the ideal merchandise for the setting.

EXCLUSIVE PRODUCTS & PARTNERSHIPS – Relationships are unquestionably one of the most important values among all successful businesses. We believe that in order to stay relevant, it is critical to develop key brand partnerships that will speak to and reinforce that the hotel brand knows and identifies with their customer. Guests associate with particular brands and designers; they have a genuine sense of comfort when they see that the hotel does as well. Détail de Luxe will develop these relationships that are supportive to the overall hotel brand strategy.

PROMOTIONS & MAXIMIZING REVENUES – Promoting retail within the hotel is also very important to the overall success of a brand. We will provide direction with the development of all in room promotional pieces as well as any website, online or direct mail promotions. Trunk shows are one way to offer the latest, relevant, and most current trends in an event setting – this can also contribute to a unique hotel experience while minimizing financial risk.

FINANCIALS, ACCOUNTING PRACTICES, P.O.S. SYSTEMS – We strongly believe in results oriented business practices, including:

We also have experience in several Retail P.O.S. systems such as: Dataworks (Micros based platform), Spa Soft and Retail Pro.